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  The waterproofing of balconies is often an important requirement of a complete structural waterproofing solution. Due to the clients’ requirements to maximise the available space, we frequently find that the below ground structure will extend beyond the footprint of the above ground building. It is therefore essential that these areas and the detailing at ground floor level are completely impervious to water ingress.
Damp, dark and dank is the description of many industrial and domestic basements without effective basement waterproofing. They are often large spaces that in their present condition serve no purpose. In fact they can even devalue the property. However underground rooms and cellars can be transformed into stylish living space, storage rooms and workshops quickly and easily.  
  Bathrooms are exposed to significant levels of moisture. Splash water in the vicinity of showers and bath tubs and all water sources create water vapor that condenses on the walls and floor. Even minor mishaps such as an overflowing tub can release major amounts of moisture. Frequently the bathroom also contains a washing machine that may leak.
If you own a home or building with box gutters then you understand the unique maintenance challenge they can present. They are easily clogged by leaves and other debris and are often high up and hard to access, not to mention the time it takes to clean and maintain them. Also box gutters can leak in different ways when they are clogged or when they are clean which can make diagnosing the problem tricky.  
  Waterproofing both the walls and floors is a must in bathrooms nowadays, especially with power showers, which throw out a lot of water at high pressure. However, there’s another consideration for floors — not only do the tiles need to be waterproof, they must also be protected against movement. Otherwise they could crack or become debonded from the substrate.
The waterproofing is paramount to the success of a green roof. It has a fundamental requirement to prevent water ingress into a building and resist damage from root penetration. The roofing system also provides thermal performance, roof drainage falls, air tightness and vapour control to the building.  
  When it’s time to design or remodel a laundry room, the choice you make in flooring matters. It’s important to look for a material that is durable, easy to care for, waterproof, and comfortable for standing. Your flooring choice can also make a design statement.
Consideration should be given to using an easily applied high performance waterproofing system and incorporating a small sump or low point in the base of the pit from which water can be pumped from in the event of extreme weather conditions.  
  The organic look of wood planter boxes complements plant foliage while balancing the soft plant features with an element of rustic hardness. Wood naturally degrades over time, and exposure to moisture softens wood and hastens decay. Even pressure-treated lumber can warp and become weathered with moisture exposure. Extend the life of your wood planter and preserve its natural beauty by waterproofing to protect it from exposure to elements on the outside and from exposure to moisture in the soil on the inside of the planter.
Retaining walls can be external walls forming part of the landscape design, or walls that form part of a property. Landscape walls are much less critical but often require a retaining wall waterproofing membrane to prevent dampness from the ground spoiling the aesthetic nature of the design, with weep holes being incorporated to alleviate hydrostatic pressure where required.  
  Concrete rooftops are usually seen on business buildings, but lately, flat concrete roofs and concrete shingles have been gaining popularity for use on private homes. However, even if this material does afford a much longer life than other choices, it is as susceptible to the elements as any other.
Tile coverings are not completely waterproof because moisture can seep into the substrate through the joints. This is why waterproofing is mandatory for swimming pools. When the top covering consists of tiles, a so-called bonded waterproofing assembly is recommended, in which the tiles are bonded with the corresponding waterproofing membrane.  

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