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    Our Passion and Values are Clearly Reflected in Our Ideas, Innovations, Products and Services.

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    Our Passion and Values are Clearly Reflected in Our Ideas, Innovations, Products and Services.

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Canberra Waterproofing offers a full range of waterproofing and crack isolation solutions. Waterproofing is an important element in protecting your investment. It prevents water from leaking into unwanted areas where it can cause damage. At times, this damage will be sight unseen until it is too late. Ensure that your next project is done by Canberra Waterproofing. Typical types of areas that require waterproofing are: laundries, shower stalls, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Smart innovations

Our waterproofing solutions ensure that your installation is protected from unwanted water penetration. Canberra Waterproofing offers products that are also offer crack isolation and sound reduction properties.

What makes us different

With extensive knowledge and training in this specialized field, Canberra Waterproofing has proven time and time again, to be at the leading edge of technology when faced with everyday waterproofing concerns, and also those more complicated and problematic structural situations. Our expertise and experience in this field are second to none when it comes to designing a 100% dry-all-the-time mold free home.

When you call Canberra Waterproofing, you can be certain that all inquiries are responded to promptly with friendly and courteous service. We will provide you with obligation free quotes and advice regarding your individual situation.

Our goal is to educate you on your water problems and offer a permanent solution for a happy, healthy home!


Our dedication to our customers is renowned right across Canberra. Our pioneering methods have saved 1000’s of dollar in damages to properties to date!


Over 30 years industry experience means you are are in good hands! We offer a warranty on all services we are so confident in our work.


We offer a second to none quality finish on all our work! From residential houses to commercial property, Every project gets exactly the same attention.

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