Our Experience

Our Experience

Canberra Waterproofing is a family run business, and the leading renovation specialists in Canberra. We provide a complete solution for the home owner and construction professional against all dampness and timber problems in historic and modern buildings.

Our success is due to our range of treatments, technology and methods unrivalled in Canberra which has evolved through continuous research and development.

Most builders, architects, and engineers have been neglectful in their designs as to what is absolutely necessary to assure a dry structure. As you may have noticed, your project (interior or exterior) have never been waterproofed with a rubber membrane. And, your home’s floor has never been properly protected below the slab to manage hydrostatic pressure.

When ground water saturation occurs in Canberra’s cold winter nights, the ground expands, creating tremendous pressure exerted by the earth on subterranean walls. This stress eventually fractures the wall and may create the need for structural repair work.

We at Canberra Waterproofing can alleviate the stress and stop the water from damaging your property.